Compagnia Alex Cantarelli nasce dall'iniziativa di Alex Cantarelli, regista teatrale, autore e coreografo che nel 2019 si stacca da TCM®, con cui ha collaborato come con-direttore dal 2000 al 2019, per creare una realtà autonoma di produzione di spettacoli e eventi didattici.

La Compagnia si avvale di collaborazioni e promuove produzioni di teatro contemporaneo e di teatro-danza, oltre che di danza contemporanea e tango-danza, in contesti produttivi italiani ed europei.

Compagnia Alex Cantarelli was born from the initiative of Alex Cantarelli, theater director, author and choreographer, who in 2019 detached himself from TCM®, with whom he collaborated as art director from 2000 to 2019, to create an independent reality of production of shows and educational events.

The Company makes use of collaborations and promotes contemporary theater and dance-theater productions, as well as contemporary dance and tango-dance, in Italian and European production contexts.

Artistic director Alex Cantarelli
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(Artistic curriculum: training, dramaturgy, Tango, theater, dance, dance theater, music, theater direction, writing, teaching.)

Alex Cantarelli (Rome, 1970)
is an Italian theater director, choreographer and playwright. Graduated in philosophy with honors from the Sapienza University of Rome in 1995, with a dissertation on the phenomenology of Martin Heidegger, chair of prof. Emilio Garroni, he has devoted himself to the teaching of dance theater and the direction of theatrical performances, of which he is often the author.

He trained as a dancer in Rome and Buenos Aires with Raul Bravo, Roberto Reis, Pablo Veron, Ezequiel Farfaro, Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega. He has been invited periodically to give Stages of Tango in Rome, Cagliari, Catania, Messina, Fabriano, Potenza, Milan, Lamezia, Palermo, Bari, Vicenza, Padua, Parma, Teramo, Giulianova, Lecce, L'Aquila, Pescara. He has collaborated with Hector Ulyses Passarella, interpreter of the music awarded with the Oscar of the film "Il postino" and has collaborated since 1997 with the Orchestra of the Valconca Festival, directed by saxophonist Mario Marzi, solo saxophone of the La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra of Milan. Between 1996 and 1999 he created numerous shows (in Forlì, Brescia, Bergamo, Rome, etc.); in January 1998 he wrote, directed and performed the show "Tango for a year only. The seasons of Astor Piazzolla " June 1998: show in Pavia, sponsored by the Accademia Musicale di Pavia, with the Valconca Festival Orchestra. July 1998: "Piazzolla Memorial" show in Urbino, Carpegna, Saludecio, Marciano di Romagna, as part of the international "SIPARIO DUCALE" and "International Valconca Festival". On the occasion of the presentation of Carlos Saura's film "Tango", he participated in the program "Carramba che fortuna" by RAI 1 with Juan Carlos Copes and Erica Boaglio and Adrian Aragon.

In June 1999 he was invited, through the Istituto Luce, by Francis Ford Coppola to dance tango in a private happening in Rome. In July 1999: show with the Aedòn Group in Ancona for the Summer Festival. In the summer of 2000 he directs and represents the show "Tango Variationen" guest at the Thessaloniki Festival (Greece), in Sicily and at the Teatro Filarmonico of Verona. In 2001 he directs, with Mimma Mercurio and represents, with the artistic collaboration of Manuela Ventura, the show "Tango Niuru", a show of Tango dance and prose, for the Municipality of Syracuse and Acireale and in response to Rome, Lecce, Catania, Gela. As a teacher and dancer, she participated in the 3rd and 4th International Tango Festival Sardinia 2002 and 2003. In the last months of 2002 she participated as guest dancers in the show "La Poesia del Tango" directed by Geppy Gleyeses and produced by the Teatro Stabile di Calabria. He holds workshops and shows in 2002, Florence, Belluno and Padua. He performs with the show "Tablao Tango" in Italy and opens with the same show the Teramo Tango Festival in June 2003. With the show "Tango Blu", he is on tour in Italy in April-June 2004. Followed by “TangoBlanco" and " Rosso "and then the trilogy "Blublancorosso", with great success. In October 2004, for the 2nd TeramoTango Festival, he danced with the Orchestra Colortango by Roberto Alvarez. With Mimma Mercurio he was invited to the 3rd International Festival of Florence, April 2005, at the Padua festival, in June 2005, and Fivizzano, in September 2005. In June 2006 they produced a tango performance, of which they are authors and choreographers - with 120 students on stage. In December 2005, they created the first Meditango Festival, a tango dance music theater festival, as a testimony of the first five years of activity and production. The Festival has had eleven consecutive editions. In February and March 2007 he held workshops and shows in Milan, Florence, Utrecht (Holland), Brussels (Belgium). In June 2007 he danced invited to the Ostia Antica Festival on a show with Luis Bacalov. In the summer of 2007 he held shows with TangoxDue, Ensemble le Grand Tango and Michele Placido.

He created the choreographies of the film "Denti" by Gabriele Salvatores, worked in some recitals with Michele Placido and Caterina Vertova and collaborated with Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and Luis Bacalov, for whom he created, together with Anna Paola Bacalov, the choreographies of Luis Bacalov's opera-ballet "Y Borges cuenta que ..." - on stage in July 2008 at the Teatro Lirico di Siena and in 2009 at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa.

He composed the music and choreographed "Meet her", a contemporary dance show, in Rome in December 2012 and "That's why I didn't run", in December 2013, with original music by J.S.Bach. In 2015 he wrote and directed "The Birds # 1. Corpses", a dance and video show with Stefania Bucci, in the Summer 2016 at the Edinburgh Festival, and in 2019 with Claudia Nazzicone (L'Aquila, Turda-Romania). With the theatrical cycle "generatio" - a series of theater-show performances on the theme of generation (2004-2008), he used new dramatic experiments, integrating the work on the body with a non-traditional use of the words.

For international university seminars (Caes Lake Como and Kreyon) he held (2016-7-8) collaborative theater writing workshops, as part of a project led by Prof. V. Loreto on creativity.

In 2013 he wrote and published "2142", a collection of short stories, a volume that was presented at the 2013 Salone del Libro di Torino, and from which some theatrical versions were drawn. The book contains dystopian, symbolic tales, set in a not so distant future, but in a very changed scenario regarding to habits and customs. Despite the deliberate difference in style, the stories present a thematic unit traceable in the duality between body and mind.

He wrote, together with prof. Stuart Kauffman, a theatrical text dedicated to the rescue of Danish Jews in 1943, entitled "The stones would weep".

Starting from 2010 Alex Cantarelli started composing and interpreting the music of the shows he directed: Pad # 8, Sogno, CPF, Molto Rumore per Nulla, Meet her, Twelfth night, Music for N. - and instrumental works ("Somewhere / somewhen "with Kamilla Ravnsfjall) or for solo piano (" Artificial music "," Smiling dark flowers "," Liebe mich "," Variations ").

There are more than 50 shows written, directed, produced or interpreted by him (1999-2018).
Among them: 2006 - Generatio # 4. De generatione et corruptione, direction and dramaturgy by Alex Cantarelli.I Milonghèris, director. Red. Tres Colores 3.Fraternité 2007 - BluBlancoRosso, Tres Colores. Teatro Politecnico, Rome. Tangosketches - mis en espace, Rome, Vicenza. 2008 - Kind of Blue, De Filippo Theater, Rome, prod. CTA Univ. Of Rome. 2009-10 - Y Borges cuenta que (choreography, with Anna Paola Bacalov, music by Luis Bacalov, directed by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti), prod. Chigiana Academy, Siena, Rozzi Theater, Pisa, Verdi Theater. Pad # 8, directed by Alex Cantarelli and Mimma Mercurio, Teatro Vascello, Rome 2011 - Palabras / Words - prod. Lamezia TM Festival, Lamezia Terme, Utrecht (Netherlands). Dream (of a mid-summer night), directed by Alex Cantarelli and Mimma Mercurio, Teatro Vascello, Rome. AK-921, by Alex Cantarelli, Rome. 2012 - C.P.F. (Five Easy Pieces), by Alex Cantarelli, Teatro Lo Spazio, Rome. Much ado about W. Shakespeare (Teatro Vascello, June 2012). Histoire, author, director. Meet her, original music, choreography. 2013 - The twelfth night, direction and original music by Alex Cantarelli, Teatro Golden, Rome. 2014 - That's why I didn't run. Direction and choreography. Centopassi of and with Mimma Mercurio. Romeo + Juliet from W.Shakespeare, Teatro Golden, Rome. N. + Occhi di carta from 2142, directed by Antonio Sinisi. Atelier # 1. The invitation. Regia. 2015 - The Great Gatsby, director, Rome.
The Birds # 1.Corpses. Regia, Rome, Edinburgh Festival. 2016 - Bagarre. Text and direction, Rome, Milan, Turin. - Four. Direction and choreography. Odissea. Text and direction, Rome, Turin, Milan. 2017 - Otello, by W.Shakespeare, Teatro del Quarticciolo, Rome - text and direction.
Nymphomaniac, text and direction, Rome. 2018 - Mr. President, text and direction. Rome. Hamlet, director, Teatro del Quarticciolo, Rome.
The Birds (2019) for the L'Aquila STF 2019 and the International Theater Festival of Turda (Romania).

With his first short movie "Emma" (starring Ivan Di Bello) he won the prize for Best Cinematography 2019 in "Corto Corrente - Città di Fiumicino" Festival.

Alex Cantarelli as artistic director left TCM® in 2019 and goes on with his own company "Compagnia Alex Cantarelli".

In 2020 he founded AC Shop, a digital store of short stories and essays, as well as theatre plays, a revolutionary way of self-editing.

In the autumn and spring of 2021 it will finally bring to the stage some new original works for the theater. ("Democrazia", " Friedrich der Mann", "Casi clinici").

Theatre/Dance Company based in Rome - Italy
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