2006 - Generatio # 4. De generatione et corruptione, direction and dramaturgy by Alex Cantarelli.I Milonghèris, director. Red. Tres Colores 3.Fraternité 2007 - BluBlancoRosso, Tres Colores. Teatro Politecnico, Rome. Tangosketches - mis en espace, Rome, Vicenza. 2008 - Kind of Blue, De Filippo Theater, Rome, prod. CTA Univ. Of Rome.
2009-10 - Y Borges cuenta que (choreography, with Anna Paola Bacalov, music by Luis Bacalov, directed by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti), prod. Chigiana Academy, Siena, Rozzi Theater, Pisa, Verdi Theater. Pad # 8, directed by Alex Cantarelli and Mimma Mercurio, Teatro Vascello, Rome 2011 - Palabras / Words - prod. Lamezia TM Festival, Lamezia Terme, Utrecht (Netherlands). Dream (of a mid-summer night), directed by Alex Cantarelli and Mimma Mercurio, Teatro Vascello, Rome. AK-921, by Alex Cantarelli, Rome.
2012 - C.P.F. (Five Easy Pieces), by Alex Cantarelli, Teatro Lo Spazio, Rome. Much ado about W. Shakespeare (Teatro Vascello, June 2012). Histoire, author, director. Meet her, original music, choreography. 2013 - The twelfth night, direction and original music by Alex Cantarelli, Teatro Golden, Rome. 2014 - That's why I didn't run. Direction and choreography. Centopassi by and with Mimma Mercurio. Romeo + Juliet from W.Shakespeare, Teatro Golden, Rome. N. + Paper eyes from 2142, directed by Antonio Sinisi. Atelier # 1. The invitation. Regia.
2015 - The Great Gatsby, director, Golden Theater, Rome. The Birds # 1.Corpses. direction, Rome, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 2016 - Bagarre. Text and direction, Rome, Milan, Turin. Four. Tango show and theater. Direction and choreography. Odyssey. Text and direction, Rome, Turin, Milan. 2017 - Otello, from W.Shakespeare, Teatro del Quarticciolo, Rome - text and direction. Nymphomaniac, text and direction, Rome. 2018 - Mr. President, text and direction. Rome. Hamlet, director, Teatro del Quarticciolo, Rome.
The Birds (2019) for the Eagle STF 2019 and the International Theater Festival of Turda (Romania).

Alex Cantarelli as artistic director left TCM® in 2019 and goes on with his own company "Compagnia Alex Cantarellli".

AC - Alex Cantarelli
Theatre/Dance Company based in Rome - Italy
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