Born in 1970, playwright, director, coreographer and musician.

Since 1998 I directed 50 shows and for some of them composed and produced music too. I started studying music at the age of 5, playing piano, clarinet, bass, guitar. Played with several bands till around the age of 20, when I stopped to finish my studies in Philosophy. I got a degree on Esthetic Philosophy upon the Concept of Representation in Martin Heidegger's Phenomenology, getting the highest honour. 

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After university I began dancing Tango, and I built a company and a school, together with Mimma Mercurio, actress, mixing all our experiences trying to create a new language between body, words, classical and avanguarde - traveling in whole Europe and also collaborating with many artists and...two Oscar prize winners. 

I discovered theatre and theatrical dance, directed many shows, from Shakespeare's work to contemporary works and writing some plays for theatre myself. Some years ago I went back on music, starting to write and perform music for theatre shows. 

In the meanwhile I published "2142", my first published collection of short stories. I settle down in Roma, Italy, but I adore to travel to northern countries. 

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Alex Cantarelli (Rome, 1970) is an Italian theatre director, choreographer and playwright.
As a philosopher, he graduated with honours at the University of Rome in 1995 with Emilio Garroni, discussing a thesis on the phenomenology of Martin Heidegger. Since then he has been a dance and theatre teacher and a theatre director, very often being the author of the plays.

He was born in Rome in 1970. Both his parents came from Mantova, primary teachers who moved to Rome. He has always remained attached to his home town, where he frequently returned during his childhood and teenage years.

He started reading and writing at an early age and attended parallel private lessons and music schools, studying piano, clarinet and guitar. He received a scientific degree while living a parallel musical life organising and playing in various Roman bands and collaborating in composing B-movie soundtracks.

He studied philosophy at the University of Rome, meeting Emilio Garroni, Marco Maria Olivetti, Francesco Valentini, Gennaro Sasso, Alfonso Maieru and attending their classes. He graduated with honors in 1995 with a thesis entitled "The Concept of Representation in the Phenomenology of Martin Heidegger", supervisor prof.Emilio Garroni.

After graduating he began working with theater and dance. His choreographies and plays have been centered on the creation of a choreographic language which interprets all kinds of music. His work ranges from classical to pop, to opera music.

He teaches Tango: Tango is considered a pas de deux with specific dynamic rules and the entire Meditango project is a unique experience, difficult to classify and cross-genre. He has held Tango seminars and danced in many cities of Italy and Europe (Turin, Milan, Florence, Cagliari, Bari, Utrecht, Brussels, Paris and many others). He has arranged numerous dance and classical theater plays and is often the author of the script of his own shows. With the theatrical cycle generatio- dance theater performances cycle on the theme of the generation (2004-2008) using new dramatic experiments, he integrated work on the body with a non-traditional use of words. He is the director of the Society Meditango TCM, along with Mimma Mercurio, which produces the International Meditango Festival of Rome.
He also choreographed Denti film by Gabriele Salvatores (Academy Award), he worked in some recitals with Michele Placido and Caterina Vertova and collaborated with Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and A.A. Oscar winner Luis Bacalov, for whom he edited, together with Anna Paola Bacalov, choreographed Tango opera-ballet by Luis Bacalov, "Y Borges cuenta que...", staged in July 2008 at the Teatro Lirico di Siena and in 2009 at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa.
He composed the music and choreographed "Meet her", contemporary dance show in Rome in December 2012 and "That's why I did not run", in December 2013, with original and JS Bach’s music. In December 2015 he had the premiere of "The Birds # 1. Corpses", dance performance and video with Stefania Bucci, programmed in Edinburgh Festival 2016.
He has written with Prof. Stuart Kauffman a play on II° World War, for an international broadcast. 

In 2013 he wrote and published “2142",a collection of short stories, which was presented at the Turin Book Fair in 2013, and from which some theatrical versions were drawn. In the first edition, the book came out in digital edition. The book contains dystopian and symbolic tales, set in a not so distant future, but in a much changed scenario regarding habits and customs. Despite the deliberate differences between the stories they have a common thematic style traceable in the duality between body and mind. Currently he is working on a collection of short essays "Method, procedures, truth", a new novel, set in the Mantuan countryside, and a collection of poems, entitled "Small Poems."

Teaching theater
He considers theater writing as an associative and collective experiment, a kind of encounter between the 'more or less clear experience of the author with the actors' personalities. The result is a dynamic and creative theatrical writing. He has taught at Caes Lake Como and held seminars on his method in Kreyon event in Rome.

Generatio # 3. Words or things.
In spring of 2006, he created a pioneering project on theatrical scene perception, part of a cycle of shows on the theme of generation, which is still an active cycle. From 'Studio without actors on the concept generation (33') (Rome, 2006) I. Feeling / Emotion II. Representation / III language. Loneliness "With generatio # 3 I tried to build a show that would give the impression of standing alone, without human intervention. I think it's something similar to what you call a"setup. "I primarily focused on the sensations. of those changes unwillingly occurring in us. You cannot "not hear"the wind or "not see" a light, "not to have" fear. "(From the director's notes.)

Musical activity
From 2010 Alex Cantarelli began composing and interpreting the music of the shows he has directed: Pad # 8, Dream, CPF, Much Ado About Nothing, Meet her, Twelfth Night, Music for No - and instrumental works (“Somewhere/sometime" with Kamilla Ravnsfjall) or for solo piano ("Artificial music ","Smiling dark flowers ", "Liebe mich weil du weißt"). He published the following musical works for TCM prod.: Meet Her (2012) Twelfth Night (2013) Music for N. (2013) Somewhere / sometime (2014) Songs to Nowhere (2014) Artificial Music (2014) I miss you every time it snows (2014) Smiling dark flowers (2015) Liebe mich, weil du weißt (2015) Variations (2016)

Theatrical production
He has written, directed or produced more than 50 shows.
Among them: 2000 Tango Variationen, Thessaloniki Sani Festival 2001 Tango Niuru in partnership with Ortigia Festival, Syracuse Tablao Tango 2003 TangoBlu. Tres Colores 1.Libertè - Theatre of Pescara, Giulianova, Comunale di Teramo, Siracusa, Catania Teatro Zo. 2004 Tangoblanco.TRES Colores 2.Egalitè Generatio # 1 2005 Generatio # 2. Macbeth Generatio # 3. The words or things, Doctor Tango by Nino Lo Cascio, directed by Alex Cantarelli, La donna vestita di sole by David Cavuti, recital, with Michele Placido, Caterina Vertova. 2006 Generatio # 4. Generatione et corrutione, direction and dramaturgy by Alex Cantarelli. The Milonghèris, direction, Red. Tres Colores 3.Fraternité 2007 BluBlancoRosso, Tres Colores. Teatro Politecnico, Rome. 2008 Kind of Blue, Teatro De Filippo, Rome, prod. CTA University of Rome. 2009-10 Y Borges cuenta que (choreography by AC & Anna Paola Bacalov, music by Luis Bacalov, directed by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti), prod. Accademia Chigiana, Siena, Rozzi Theatre, Pisa, Teatro Verdi, Pad#8, directed by Alex Cantarelli and Mimma Mercurio, Teatro Vascello, Rome 2011 Palabras / Words - prod. Lamezia TM Festival, Lamezia Terme, Utrecht (Netherlands), Dream (A Midsummer Night's), directed by Alex Cantarelli and Mimma Mercurio, Teatro Vascello, Rome,  AK-921, Alex Cantarelli, Rome. 2012 CPF (Five Easy Pieces), Alex Cantarelli, Rome, Much Ado About Nothing by W. Shakespeare (2012) Histoire, author, director. Meet her, original music, choreography. 2013 Twelfth Night, directed and original music by Alex Cantarelli, Rome. 2014, That's why I did not run, Centopassi by and with Mimma Mercurio. Romeo & Juliet by W. Shakespeare, Teatro Golden, Rome. N. + O.D.P. from 2142, directed by Antonio Sinisi. Atelier # 1. The invitation, MeditangoFestival. 2015 The Great Gatsby, direction, Teatro Golden, Rome.
The Birds#1.Corpses. Director, loosely based on "The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock. Atelier # 2. Le désir. MeditangoFestival. "Bagarre2, author and director. Four. Direction and choreography.
2017 Odissea. Written and directed by AC.